How to make money online | How to Start a YouTube Channel

When you start a YouTube channel, you open yourself to the possibility of having residual and exponential income. This will mean that you will be able to maintain any lifestyle you choose as long as you work hard and stay consistent. You're probably thinking "great now where do I sign up?". Well here at Buzzle Zum we have compiled a list of steps to complete in order to gain a head start to building a successful YouTube channel. 

Step 1 | Name and Brand Yourself

Some people find this process to be simple, others have a great deal of difficulty discovering what direction their youtube channel will go. We recommend that you find a specific goal to accomplish or what you're really good at and base your channel name off of whatever that is. This will allow other like-minded people to find you and take an interest in following your journey, maybe even enough to subscribe!

Step 2 | Gadgets, Gear and Equipment

Now that you have a name, a youtube account, and a theme to focus your efforts, you need the right equipment and technology to bring it to life! Here is a short beginners list of things you will need:

  • A Camera 
  • A computer or laptop
  • Editing Software ex/ Photoshop, Premier Pro, iMovie, Final Cut or Windows Movie-Maker
  • Lighting
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Step 3 | Filming

Keep the following in mind:

  • You should be true to who you are naturally and capitalize off of what is unique about you
  • Position yourself on camera so that the visual is appealing to your audience, the same goes  for your background. You want things to catch your audiences attention.
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Step 5 | Upload and Monetize 

After you've edited your first video, you want to upload it. Make sure you are partnered with youtube as well so you can set your video to be monetized for views and ad revenue. 

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