Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint | 4.5 Million dollar Ring Stolen and more !

Horrific events transpired this week for Kim Kardashian. While Kim was in paris for fashion week she had a breach in secutrity with a notorious pranskster. Now we have a story about Kim being held at gunpoint! The story goes like this, Kim was still in paris for fashion week when her body guard left for security detail with kendall Jenner and kourtney Kardashian. While Kim was sleeping in her Paris apartment, 5 masked gunmen entered and invaded her sleeping quaters. The concierge was at the mercy of the gunmen and was used to gain access to Kim's apartment and directly into her bedroom. Once the perpetrators entered, they taped her mouth, handcuffed and threw Kim into a bathtub. Once she was aprehended the gunmen knew and saught out what they came for. They fled the scene with a 4.5 million dollar ring, a jewellery box full of jewellery, and 1000 Euros. 

Kanye West was notified during a concert and he made an announcement to his fans that he had a "family emergency", dropped his mic and ran off the stage. Kim fled Paris shortly after giving her statements to Paris cops and answering questions. She arrived back in new york where the NYPD escorted her with presidential status security detail. Mother Kris Jenner and Kanye West were not far from by her side. As this investigation progresses we will have all the updates daily.