Kim Kardashian Diamond cross found since Robbery (Update)

We're still completely shocked that an event like what transpire for Kim in Paris is real life! Sadly enough it was and she is still recovering from the incident, saving face at events like the "KUWTK" wrap party or dressing in hooded sweats.


Since the incident, there are no leads in discovering who orchestrated the robbery. Although there have been speculations, one of the pieces were captured by a citizen reportedly found on the sidewalk in Paris. Must have been some clumsy robbers.

Now we're hearing from our sources that since the event, Kim has invested in a brand new security detail. Her new team is rumoured to include Isreali Special Forces and former Secret Service agents. We also hear talks of her wanting armoured vehicles to escort her and her family. Kim's robbers are still at large so we're sure she wants to be prepared for any case and scenario, especially having two young children. We say good luck Kim, and stay safe!