Scott Disick Wants to Try to Make Things Work With Kourtney Kardashian

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Let's just say that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have to be the friendliest exes in the history of exes. The two were seen in on Kourtney's snap chat and basically slamming any idea of them ever being together. Although they are not together, they are often together and enjoying co-parenting their three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign. In their on-and-off relationship, which they ended in July 2015, they have often been labelled as inseparable.

Now we have sources who say that Kourtney and Scott have been sneaking around and "trying to make things work". Their on-again/off-again relationship of 9 years, seems to be full throttle on again as the two were seen in Cabo, Mexico. The two were reportedly being "very close and happy". We're glad the two are living it up in the sun and doing what they feel is right, good luck this time around!

Kendall Jenner Stalker Strikes Again | She Testifies in court

Thursday, October 13th, Kendall Jenner testified in court against her stalker, Shavaughn Mckenzie. In her own words, she described the terrifying event that took place between Mckenzie and her at her Hollywood Home.

"I've never been so scared in my life.."   

As she explained to the jury the severity of the event, she's uneasy and afraid. A 25-year-old Shavaughn Mckenzie was arrested outside of her Hollywood home in August. He was charged with a misdemeanor, stalking, and trespassing. He also confronted her twice at her Condominium.  

"I was terrified... I was literally traumatized"

Mckenzie was found at her Hollywood home in her driveway. She pulled up and he followed her into her security gates. He then engaged on her property. He cracked her window and shouted, "I want you to leave!" She was able to pull out of the driveway safely and drive down to a nearby street to call a friend. 

"It's definitely put me more on edge"

"I definitely don't feel safe in my own house anymore"

Kim Kardashian Diamond cross found since Robbery (Update)

We're still completely shocked that an event like what transpire for Kim in Paris is real life! Sadly enough it was and she is still recovering from the incident, saving face at events like the "KUWTK" wrap party or dressing in hooded sweats.


Since the incident, there are no leads in discovering who orchestrated the robbery. Although there have been speculations, one of the pieces were captured by a citizen reportedly found on the sidewalk in Paris. Must have been some clumsy robbers.

Now we're hearing from our sources that since the event, Kim has invested in a brand new security detail. Her new team is rumoured to include Isreali Special Forces and former Secret Service agents. We also hear talks of her wanting armoured vehicles to escort her and her family. Kim's robbers are still at large so we're sure she wants to be prepared for any case and scenario, especially having two young children. We say good luck Kim, and stay safe!

Kylie Jenner Complex Cover Shoot

Yassss Kylie Yasss, we see your slay shining through. It's safe to say that latex is the hottest thing you could wear in 2016. 

Kylie is the cover girl of the October/November issue for Complex. The spread features a maturing Kylie Jenner flaunting it all in the most modest way with latex and brilliant artistry by Takashi Murakami. Complex managed to collaborate their way into this year's "most epic" list.

She discussed the trials she faces as a celebrity and as a member of her famous family. She also touches on the topic of her beauty and lovelife. See Complex's latest issue of Kylie Jenner in Latex to get the full story.

Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint | 4.5 Million dollar Ring Stolen and more !

Horrific events transpired this week for Kim Kardashian. While Kim was in paris for fashion week she had a breach in secutrity with a notorious pranskster. Now we have a story about Kim being held at gunpoint! The story goes like this, Kim was still in paris for fashion week when her body guard left for security detail with kendall Jenner and kourtney Kardashian. While Kim was sleeping in her Paris apartment, 5 masked gunmen entered and invaded her sleeping quaters. The concierge was at the mercy of the gunmen and was used to gain access to Kim's apartment and directly into her bedroom. Once the perpetrators entered, they taped her mouth, handcuffed and threw Kim into a bathtub. Once she was aprehended the gunmen knew and saught out what they came for. They fled the scene with a 4.5 million dollar ring, a jewellery box full of jewellery, and 1000 Euros. 

Kanye West was notified during a concert and he made an announcement to his fans that he had a "family emergency", dropped his mic and ran off the stage. Kim fled Paris shortly after giving her statements to Paris cops and answering questions. She arrived back in new york where the NYPD escorted her with presidential status security detail. Mother Kris Jenner and Kanye West were not far from by her side. As this investigation progresses we will have all the updates daily.

Kylie Jenner cell phone number LEAKED (screenshots)

Ok so we might be a little late, but here's what we know. Rob Kardashian basically bashed the whole Kardashian klan this week when he took to twitter to discuss their family woes. Reportedly Kylie was the one to get the most of the backlash from the event that transpired. Rob betrayed Kylie with the ultimate social media no-no, he uploaded her actual real-life phone number! He went on a rant stating that the crew had set out to host a baby party for his newborn with Blacc Chyna, here's where things get sticky. Rob tweets "Didn't invite the mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me!? You all must have lost your damn minds", so that means Blacc Chyna and the baby bump were not actually invited to this baby shower. This raises up so many questions. Here are the screenshots of the rant : 

Rob Kardashian twitter screen shot

Rob Kardashian twitter screen shot

After the twitter rant, Rob then went on to post Kylies phone number to his 6.65 million followers and then said "I ain't hacked either this is rob dog lol" which obviously means "this is war" in sibling language. We all know how much of a no-no posting phone numbers to social media is, how do you all think Kylie took it, we know she changed her number for sure. Who knows, maybe she could be plotting her revenge on Rob, all we know is Kylie is not to be messed with! Let us know your comments and how you would react if someone posted your phone number to social media to spite you?

Gigi Hadid Attacker Kisses Kim Kardashians Booty!


This is an interesting story we have today, one we regretfully have to say is not clickbait and the title is REAL! So Kim Kardashian was in Paris this week enjoying fashion week, where some bazaar events took place. Kim was strolling through a group of local paparazzi where a well-known prankster approached her and kissed her booty! We know his name to be "Vitalii Seduik" because prior to this event he allegedly attacked Gigi Hadid.

Kim was obviously shocked and her bodyguards reacted promptly to restrain the perpetrator. We are shocked and appalled that someone would go out of there where to invade anyone's private space like that and think it was appropriate. While we can't speak for his actions we have the video of the event exactly how it transpired. As for the result of his actions we will give you the update as soon as we know.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Messy Divorce (Update)

Boy do I have *Zum* for you! 

While most of us know the drama that conspred with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, let me make sure we are all up to date.  The alleged event took place aboard a private plane and has resulted in a child abuse investigation. Here's what we know, Brad got drunk aboard a flight to Calfornia from france and as they were in the sky a fight escalated which caused people to be concerned. There was enough concern for someone to call and report the incident where FBI got involved because the event took place in the air.

Sources have said, Brad got belligerently drunk and became physically and verbally abusive where others stepped in to calm the altercation. There is some debate about wether the FBI will carry out a federal investigation on the matter, there will be updates in the near future.